Tuesday, May 23, 2017

thoughts on 'Guts and Effort' and moving onward

As anyone following this blog for whatever reason, you probably noticed there are less and less drawings and more on life and politics videos deleted after a few days etc.

All good things will probably end one way or another. so here are my final thoughts on this blog.

1. 'Guts and Effort' started around 2008 when i struggled to find a foot hold in animation. as well as inspired by the orginal 'Gunbuster' anime by Hideaki Anno.
2. what 'Guts and Effort' means to ME is... to work toward a goal through sacrifice and enduring obstacles and ultimately ACHIEVING it.
3. however, not everything will go as planned, and sometimes... when you try your best and you fail... you have to understand.. its OK...
4. BUT!! If you DIDN'T try your best... and results in failure. that is Regret - because you could've done better but you gave up.
5. Validation - you know where you truly are and where you need to be. external gratification is often an illusion that clouds your judgment.
6. finally... work is serious... its dedication and sweat and tears. you reap what you sow, but never blame others for what you do not have. its REALLY EASY to play the blame game to escape responsibility.

battling reality, cynicism, and hope. You are never truly the master of your destiny but through experiences in both failure AND success, one can face certain uncertainty as time goes on...

                                                                                                 you are gonna carry that weight.