Wednesday, May 4, 2016


it's finally out!!

i worked on it almost a year ago now...

soo the stuff i did was for the finale...

here are some of the animations i did for the ending seq.

i need to work those explosions better.

Benedict was fun to draw. explosion was meh.

 pew pew pew... there was a 'total retake' moment were all we all had to pick a character and reanimate the last scene. goodtimes.

see? i DID work on it. T_T

*a little throwback... i remember i struggled to draw character's face back in '08, now its second nature... but still a loonng way to go to reach guys like Okiura or Satoshi Kon tier... v_v

 and last but not least... Jeff Lai OWNS the FX game on battleborn.