Saturday, February 21, 2015

the Itano Circus

in animation, I often think about the things I haven't done yet. and this is one of those.
after watching many clips of missile circus scene from anime, I broke down some patterns of what makes it work:

the basic straight trail. single direction w/ timing variations. how it all started.

mass missile circle. the leading object will circle around the center of the shot, as missiles following its path, mixing background and foreground placements. timing variation happen when missiles enter and leave the scene, but the eye will always be tracking the object.
it's easier to figure out the composition once the path of the lead object is done, the missiles should always compliment the ships movements. like a dance. its also crucial that you should track each missile in key animation, so you don't end up pulling your hair out on inbetweens.
 although the leading object will travel in a linear course, it's what the trail does that creates the rhythm. In a guitar solo, there are slow and fast riffs/licks. In my case, its the 'wave principle', fundamental but very important. (i think 'Itano' circus has more straight trails but more camera work in them, especially cg stuff)

limited missile w/ animated perspective
 the scene would be more graceful if i didn't have so much trail flapping here. so it can balance out the moving bg.
I had no clue how to do this, or what the style would look like, then i remembered this 3d sakuga clip and started noodling down the basic shades, things started to click, and I figured out what I was going for. tracking the rocks is so much easier than tracking 6 missiles haha.

some bgs i mashed together. reuse!

there are no blue prints for this, but there are some guidelines to why it works. mix and match camera work with animation style and you can come up with some amazing things. overall, when you get pass the technicalities of drawing, it all becomes feelings of self expression. (...aka my unhealthy obsession to animate.)

"don't think! feeeeeel!!!..."